Jun 20, 2012

Railroad Ave & Waterfront (present day Broad st and Alaskan Way), Seattle from around 1905.
The Olympia Brewery Bottling plant can be seen in the lower right. Beer would be transported
from Olympia to Seattle and bottled for the Seattle market.
<Author's Collection> <Brewing in Seattle outtake photo>
Lew Colbo of the Cammarano Bros Distribution Co of Tacoma moves pallets of Rainier in this 1958 photo.
<Steenbock Library> <Brewing in Seattle outtake photo>

A 1957 artist rendition of a Rainier Brewery expansion.
<Author's Collection> <Brewing in Seattle outtake photo>
A turn of the century advertizement for Rainier Beer in Hawaii. The Seattle Brewing
and Malting Co would export shipments of Rainier to the islands where it would be
bottled and sold locally.
 (Author's collection) <Brewing in Seattle outtake photo>