Jul 3, 2012

Emerald City Ale and Post Ale Pale were two beers introduced in November of 1992 by the Rainier Brewing Co. The beers were Rainier’s and parent company, G. Heilman’s attempt to gain traction in the growing craft brewing market and were deceivingly disguised as being brewed by Emerald City Brewing Co without any mention of Rainier or G Heilman on the product. Recipes for the two beers were created by Glen Corson who at the time was the Senior Assistant Brew master for Rainier. Sales never met expectations and the two beers along with the “Emerald City Brewing Co” name were discontinued a few years later.

Brewmaster Superintendent, Hans H Weiss presents Rainier Brewing Co President, Emil Sicks the gift of a portrait of his late father, Fritz Sick in this photo from 1946. <Author's collection> <Brewing in Seattle outtake photo>

                                                   Two men stand in from of a large Rainier billboard in this 1950's photo.                                <Steenbock Library> <Brewing in Seattle outtake photo>

A Rainier beer neon sign in Los Angeles from either 1913 or 1914. The Hall of Records building in the background. For many years, the Seattle Brewing & Malting Co shipped large casks or Rainier beer to bottlers in California and owned sizable market share there. After Washington's state wide prohibition in 1916, the brewery would leave Seattle and move to San Francisco in hopes that prohibition would never spread to California. (http://www.skyscrapercity.com/) <Brewing in Seattle outtake photo>