Jul 17, 2012

A turn of the century tavern with a Seattle Brewing & Malting - Rainier Bock Beer poster featured prominently behind the barkeep.

<Herbert Haydock> <Brewing in Seattle outtake photo>
A rare mid-1970's outtake photo of the "Wild Rainiers". Heckler Associates became Rainier Brewing Co's full time ad agency in 1972 and single-handedly turned the company's sluggish sales around with their offbeat ads. Brewing in Seattle features a full serving of rare photos from the archives of Heckler Associates along with commentary from the man behind the company, legendary ad man, Terry Heckler.

The Rainier brewery in Seattle as it appeared in 1949. The large building behind the brewery was called, "The Lester Apartments". (a building with quite the history of its own). The apartment building would be destroyed a few years later after a B-50 bomber crashed into it after a failed takeoff from Boeing Field. By the late 1950's Interstate 5 would be built directly behind the brewery. <Steenbock Library> <Brewing in Seattle outtake photo>

A Rainier Jubilee Happy Can light. This promotional piece was made around 1955 and used in area grocery stores to promote the popular series of Rainier Jubilee decorative cans. The light up can stood 18" tall <Photo courtesy of Michael Magnussen> <Brewing in Seattle outtake photo>

An early 1940’s Sick’s Select promotional back bar display. Rainier Brewing Company (then known as Sicks’ Seattle Brewing & Malting Co) introduced Sick’s Select in 1939. The beer was originally advertised as premium American table beer that Rainier president, Emil Sick proclaimed was, “The realization of my ambition to brew a bottled beer that would be finer than any on the market.” <Photo courtesy of Michael Magnussen> <Brewing in Seattle outtake photo>